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Our Mission:

densityVR aims to use virtual realty as a tool to bring your vision to life. From virtual comedy clubs to touring a new-build house in VR, we are here to make your vision a reality. Setup a consultation to learn more about the possibilities. 

Welcome to the next-level virtual experience.

Akentunde's Virtual Comedy Lounge

A comedy lounge designed for the renowned and hilarious Christian comedian, Akentunde.

Density International Marketplace

An international marketplace for retail stores from around the globe. Retailers can display 3D versions of their real-life products, with links to their website and products for purchase. Shoppers can check out the stores and while enjoying weekly live music events and hanging with friends.

Screenshot 2022-07-08 094511.jpg

Meditation Garden

A meditation garden designed to relax and reflect.

Jazz Beyond The Dome

A jazz club we created for the talented jazz musician, DJ and radio host from London, England, Marcus Joseph. This event space is used every week to host live music events for a worldwide audience to enjoy, socialize, conversate and have a drink together.


Summerville Baptist Church

A VR replica of Summerville Baptist Church in South Carolina.

CONINVR Convention Center Seating Area

A seating area for standing. This area is used for speaking events during virtual trade shows hosted by CONINVR. It's a lovely seating area for avatars to stand on while watching professionals in the industry speak about business.

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